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The Great Scone Debate

It's interesting looking at the regional breakdown on the voting in the "How do *you* pronounce scones" poll. (If you haven't yet voted, please - jump in!)

So far, we have an interesting split between Americans - voting on each side of the "sconns" v "scohnes" divide. (Two say "phones", one says "dons"). Could this be a north/south divide?

The Irish & Scots are firmly in the crazy *ahem* I mean "rhymes with phones" camp.

The Aussies and Kiwis are all "rhymes with dons" voters, except for the exceptional a_carnal_mink, who makes up her pronunciation as she sees fit, and so she should.

No English have voted yet, but I did SMS poll my friend Suzette (who moved to Australia from Primrose Hill at the age of 17), and she was "dons" all the way. (Because she is sensible.)

Hopefully we will get some more input into this vastly important topic!

ETA: We have had some new votes, and it seems Canada is split on the issue! We've got one vote each way - although checking with my colleagues, Canadian Emily is all for "phones". Meanwhile, my Sri Lankan colleague didn't know what the hell we were talking about. Perhaps we should bake some for him!


I'll go with the crazy :p
That's the spirit! Embrace your madness! XD

No English have voted yet

I *am* a dual national, I'll have you know! :D

This discussion immediately put me in mind of Bunfight At The O.K. Tearooms, 6:20 - 8:20. Heeeee!

O, why don't I have a Goodies icon??

Edited at 2011-12-19 04:55 am (UTC)
Well, the one proper (and solely) English who did vote went for 'phones'. :p

And you're far to Aussie to be considered English, my dear.


... well.

Edited at 2011-12-19 10:59 pm (UTC)
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Aha, there's a whole song about scones? Shame they're pronouncing it wrong! ;p
It should be mentioned that since I'm from basically biscuit ground zero (when I worked in my college cafeteria I was actually in charge of serving gravy biscuits. For breakfast, and I want you to understand that "gravy" was "a full soup ladle of gravy dumped directly on a biscuit") scones are a fairly exotic food that are only eaten in coffee shops and at bed and breakfasts, so much like I used to say "ballet" like "ballot" it could as well be a collective issue of people learning a word by reading it.
So the part of me that was raised on white bread and processed lunch meat almost exploded with delight at the image of a whole ladle of gravy. Growing up, gravy was my favourite food. Sadly, gluten free, vegetarian gravy is less than impressive.

And scones are basically what you call a biscuit. Just eaten with jam and cream here, instead of gravy. They're not sweetened, that's why they need jam and cream.

And yeah, fair call on the last bit. And truth be told, by our language's grammatical rules, it should be "rhymes with phones", due to there only being one consonant between the two vowels. And given that I get irritated by people who pronounce vitamin as "vittamin" on that same grounds, I should really be rhyming with phones myself!