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ice queen

Why do I always look like an addict in official photographs?

According to my sister, my passport photo looks like "a Native American on crack".

And now, my Learner's Permit photo - I look completely stoned. Sigh. I just don't photograph well. Probably cos I ain't no supermodel to start off with!

So, yeah - I passed the theory test & am now licenced to learn to drive. Still don't wanna. Damn.

Met up after with andricongirl, sharplittlteeth and bar_bar_ella, who I met for the first and hopefully not last time. Also there was Louis, whose username I'm not remembering (but who was very nice nonetheless!). A nice afternoon at Kent St bar on Smith Street. Some coffee, some gin & pink grapefruit juice, some talk of slash'n'porn. Nice talking to ya, bar_bar_ella

Just had a talk to Daniel-san ... long time, no speakie. Hopefully see him & Bree tomorrow night if I don't get so drunk at Kathy's BBQ that I can't make it to the party. 

Only 10pm and I'm so tired. I want a holiday.


spark_au :]

I hope to get to bree's shindig tonight , will try early for a bit.. let me know if you are going

Most excellent meeting you too, m'dear! :) And I see you found The Journal Of Other as well. Kewl.

We should all get together and do it all again. Hopefully, kits_the_dm will be able to make it next time...