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JS Mill

Fleet Foxes at The Palais

Last night I went to see Fleet Foxes play at The Palais, with Lea and Leanne. Dinner first, at Soulmama, a vegetarian restaurant in St Kilda. Incredibly delicious, hot, sour, Indonesian Fried Rice, and fresh coconut water drunk directly from the coconut! (first pic). The second pic above is the ceiling ornamentation inside the venue. We had seats in the orchestra pit. It was an absolutely sublime gig. When they all sang together it was nothing but joyous. They are amazingly talented, and swapped instruments frequently (not with each other), often mid-song. At times the music and voices combined felt like a force pushing out from the stage. I cannot stress how amazing. All three of us were blown away. For those of you who haven't heard them before, I've embedded one of their tracks, "Battery Kinzie",

Today I spent a lot of time writing up my thoughts on this article by Jane Clare Jones, "Is Sherlock sexist? Steven Moffat's wanton women". I've been thinking about it non-stop since it came online 3 days ago. My response is here, if anyone is interested. I can't tell you how nerve-wracking I found it to not only write, but post. I haven't written an analytic piece since I deferred my Honours in 2001, and I've not really written anything to put out in public. And I know I could have done so much more, but I needed to stop. Jesus, how my hands shook when I posted! Argh!

Arranged on Friday afternoon to meet up with a friend on Sunday, but came home from the gig to an email saying she had to cancel as her mum had just died. I have a feeling she came home and found her. God. Just gut-wrenching. No matter how you get along with your parents, I don't think anyone is ever ready for them not to be there any more.

On a much cheerier note, looking forward to catching up with my geek crew, andricongirl and a_carnal_mink on Monday :)


OMG The Fleet Foxes! I love them so much. Mykonos is one of my favorite songs in the world.

Also I am perusing your blogpost as we speak. I don't follow Sherlock BBC but I just saw the 2009 movie (YES I know it gets EVERYTHING WRONG) and I think I did myself a disservice by only getting into Sherlock Holmes after spending a lot of time reading about the Victorians because now I nitpick everything obsessively.
They played Mykonos second or third track in and I was so excited (it's my favourite of theirs). I was really happy too, because at the end of Mykonos Lea let out a loud "woooo!". She has heard me play FF while I do the dishes, and liked them enough to pay $67 for the ticket, but didn't really know them. She walked out determined to buy both albums.

Oh, god. I keep cringing when I think about the blogpost. It's 3000 words of cringe to me, right now. I can think of a million things I would like to add, and a million ways I'd like to rewrite it, but I kept forcing myself to rein in my anger at the appallingly bad job she made of it, and to stick to trying to address her mess of an argument, rather than dragging in other stuff that people have also been saying.

I also wanted to have a good rant about how there's nothing intrinsically wrong with tropes, or using them. And she totally fucked up on the 'emotionless daleks', FFS. Her piece was up on The Guardian around 36 hours after the show aired on New Years Day - why couldn't she have taken the time to think about it more before writing? But then, she came in with such set ideas I don't suppose it would have made a difference. GAH.
Oh, just wanted to say that I thought the 2009 Ritchie movie was heaps of fun. I don't think of it as Sherlock Holmes, but as a rollicking adventure, though I quite like Jude Law's Watson. It's definitely a 'switch off your brain and have fun' thing.

The tv series, on the other hand - I think it does a fabulous job of updating. The nicotine patches instead of the pipe, the constant stream of tips-of-the-hat to characters and stories in the original they won't ever have time to take on in full. BC has all the movements down - how Sherlock sits, what he does with his hands - all straight from the books. Martin Freeman is an absolute fucking joy as John. And on top of all that, it's funny, beautifully shot and edited and dressed, and the music is delightful.
Would love to read that - if I ever get time to read anything that requires more than 2 minute periods of time at a time again!
Heh. That's what you get for being an accomplished woman and mother!

Been thinking of you, sweets. xo