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In which I pay the piper...

It was just one month ago that I suffered through my first real sickness in about 4 years - a beauty of a head cold which made me sound like I was a death metal singer. I would actually have to identify myself on the phone, I was so unrecognisable. Finally finished coughing up the crap from that, and then this week started suffering dizziness and headaches. I attributed it to my neck, which is a chronic problem, and looked forward to my visit to the osteopath on Thursday night. Turned out, of course, to not be my neck at all, and I woke in the middle of the night on Thursday, aching in every conceivable place and shaking and sweating. Flu. (Fortunately, it isn't Man Flu, and thus I will live.) It's Saturday morning now, and my temperature hasn't gone over 36.7C (my normal temp is 36) since I woke 3 hours ago, so it looks like the fever has broken (thank god). I need to be healthy because it's Reverse Frankenstein weekend!

Tomorrow I'm going to meet up with andricongirland sharplittlteeth to see the second version of the rescreenings of Frankenstein (with Jonny Lee Miller as the Creature this time). Very interested to hear what they think of the differences between versions.

Got a good laugh last night when I finally managed to evict the mouse which has been living in our house for the past 2 months. It's been too canny to get caught by the ethical mouse trap, but last night it could not resist the lure of Lea's empty pizza box. I went into the the kitchen for some cough medicine, and it heard me and panicked. It started scrabbling like mad, I think to get to somewhere it considered safe (behind the stove). Of course, if it had stayed quiet I'd never have known it was there, but it's a mouse, and it scrabbled. So I picked up the pizza box and took it outside. When I opened it he was off like a shot. I hope he found somewhere warm to go, it's all cold and wet here at the moment. Now I just need to accept that it's not in the house anymore - I'm so used to hearing it (HOW CAN SUCH A LITTLE MOUSE MAKE SUCH A BIG NOISE???) and seeing it out of the corner of my eye, it's going to take a while to adjust. Good luck, little mousie.