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Trip photos


Mud Maid @ The Lost Gardens of Heligan

I've uploaded my holiday pics from England to Flickr. If anyone's interested in having a look, they can be found here.
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Where's the prone statue from?
She's called the Mud Maid, and she can be found in The Lost Gardens of Heligan. A beautiful place for a walk.
Thanks :) England's a very photogenic old girl!
icicle fountain! You were here at a photogenic time. Not so humogenic, though...

I hied over here from wellingtongoose's LJ where we met via black tea. And look: we share another (former) fandom!

\o/ Whee.

The icicles happened the day before I flew home, my timing was spectacular! I was there from Feb 13-Mar 12, and managed to completely miss the worst of summer back home, including a record-breaking run of 10 days in a row over 30 degrees. Since I love cold weather and hate the heat, I was extra elated!

Yay, SGA! Oh, I miss the old team :)

Since we have a couple of fandoms and tea drinking preferences in common, I may have to friend you!