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ice queen

Choose love

Originally posted by nimnod at Choose love
This story about a black school child gang-raped by 6 white school children (while others looked on and laughed) ran on City Press this morning made me want to vomit. Horror. Rage. Ings and I talked about it all the way to buy coffee, and then with our firend Busi when we brought her the coffee we'd been fetch her. We're all Moms - imagine if that was our kids? What would we want? We'd want justice, yes, but also we'd mainly want the best counselling money can buy, and the ability to take this kid out of that school so he never has to face his attackers again, and send him ideally to the best school money could buy to offer him the most understanding and the best opportunities to make a successful life in the wake of this horror. We want to help give that to the victim's grandmother one lot of caregivers to another, in lieu of offering hugs and groceries and doing household chores and making home made meals the way people do for their neighbours. So. We've started a funding campaign. If you can afford, donate (http://gogetfunding.com/project/choose-love ) - R1 from a million South Africans would change this kid's future entirely. Responded to violence with violence and hate with hate will never change the world. Choose love (and share the hell out of this so others can too).

Anyone still in fandom, do you think we could get fandom to rally around it? Please signal-boost on LJ as well as dreamwidth if you're willing to help.


Thank you Riley.