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Well, yay on me.


I just ate a meal that wasn't instant potato, peas & cold tofu nuggets. And I cooked it myself. I've had a tradition going of only eating dinners that can be cooked in three minutes, either by boiling water or zapping in the microwave. That means, I've been living on microwaved NotBurgers in a sandwich (with lettuce & plastic cheese) or - most recently, instant potato, peas & tofu nuggets. With Sweet Chilli sauce, I might add. Newtrishun? Wot's that? But tonight - seeing as all my flatmates are away and the kitchen is *not* awash with dirty dishes & pans, I cooked Spinach & Ricotta Agnolotti, with Napolitano sauce, broccoli, mushrooms & pinenuts. Even a little garlic bread. And some Cabernet Merlot. And now I might explode. 

Hmmm. Broccoli - it's one of those words that I always am sure of the spelling of .... until I type it. Then, it just looks wrong. But it's not. 2 Cs, 1 L. 

I now have three days off. Going to test myself and see if I can't eat at least *one* real meal on each of those days. Wish me luck! (Or rather, wish me some commitment. I'm so slack about nutrition.)

I just worked it out: 12 years, 8 months & 24 days I've been a vegetarian. I do believe that's the longest I've stuck to anything other than breathing. I think this calls for some more wine. Excuse me.


I'm not a big meat eater, but eating vegetarian makes me fat. All those tasty soy and tofu products I found in the HF store were swimming in fat.Even the veggie burger at Mcdonalds has 28g of fat as compated to a regular Hamburger with 7g. I decided to stick to poultry :-)

And Mmmmm, to pasta in any form :-)
My biggest problem is cheese .... mmmmm, cheese ... *drools*

I know what you mean about the fattiness of some tofu products - it's crazy. Especially the sesame tofu nuggets (hence the instant potato - I fill up with that so I don't eat the *entire* bag of nuggets (42 grams of fat) in one go!
Well, congrats on the longevity, I guess.

But it's a darn good thing wine isn't full of meat! *g*