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I really must stop spending money.

So I'm halfway through my three days off, and I've spent stupid amounts of money. Sigh. 
Well, at least yesterday's spree was practical.

I only went out to buy a belated birthday present for Arwen, and spent $200. Admittedly, I spent it wisely - I got 5 new shirts for work (all 25% off) and 4 new pairs of shoes (three for work & a pair of sneakers) but jeez, where does it go??? The cherry on the cake? I came home with two very cool cushions for Arwen ... they're great and I'm sure she'd love them ... but how the hell can I post them to Tasmania??? So, it's now 2 new, lovely cushions for me, and a rethink for Arwen.

And on to today:

I went downtown with Alana to go to JB HiFi specifically to get a CD for Arwen - to replace the cushions (she's getting "Come on Feel the Illinoise" by Sufjan Stevens.) And I walked out with four new cds for me, too. Sigh. One good thing - I'd ducked out to buy some paracetamol for my hangover and left Alana holding my cds as well as hers. One of the employees walked by and said that if she was going to buy that many cds, she should come and see him for a discount before she paid. We ended up getting 10% off the price of all the full-price discs we bought. Saved me $10! It was a pretty multicultural affair, too - I bought a Hawksley Workman cd (Canadian - going to see him play live in November); a Blonde Redhead cd (Italian); a Loose Fur cd (American - it's Jim O'Rourke with Jeff Tweedy) and Mountains in the Sky (Australian - they opened for Low a few months ago. Very good, if I remember correctly.)

Still, given that I already owned over 400 cds before today, I really didn't need to do that, did I. WHY DOES MUSIC HAVE TO BE SO DAMN GOOD??

Tonight, we're expecting guests: Dorota and Andrew. I'm going to cook Lemon Risotto ... damn. I forgot to get lemons. Another trip to the store. Sigh.


Spend money on J W

Sounds like a good spending spree. I would have wasted that on some Johnnie Walker Blue. Lemon Risotto and JWB sound like a great combo.......