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So the question is asked ...

"Can one come in a catheter?" And the question is asked of me, because, of course, I am the porn queen. (Yes, that was sarcasm, folks). 

I - don't know. Why would I know?

Do you know?

Can you tell me?

So we had Dorota & Joel over for dinner (Andrew being far too hungover). The Lemon Risotto wasn't lemony enough - for my taste. Everyone else insisted it was good. Four glasses of gin with lemon iced tea. (Yes, I like lemon).  My lips are numb, but I can still register when I've made a typo, so I'm not that drunk. I think. We listened to the Johnny Cash covers album (America III) and some Ella Fitzgerald, & talked about Where the Wild Things Are, which neither Dorota (Polish) or Joel (French) have ever read. The girls weren't allowed to take photos of the monsters because of copyright issues, btw. Wah. I wanna see the monsters. We finished with some Invader Zim. I was the last man (woman, actually) standing, so I packed it in. 

chuck_bulimic - are you there? We talked about you. We miss you.


Assuming you mean 'can a guy come with a catheter in', then I have no clue, but honestly I have wondered myself. So...I must be a freak then. *g*

I love the wild things!
Oh, hon, we've *all* wondered (now). You're in good freakish company! Hmmm, who can answer our curiosity????

Wild Things is awesome. Can't wait to see what they're doing with it. Spike Jonze is directing ... should be good!
If you are asking if a guy can come when he has a catheter inserted, the answer is erection yes (though I am told it is quite painful), but orgasm, no.
Heh. I just *knew* someone would be able to tell me. Thanks, I'll let them know!
i dont know how that convo could come up (ah pun not intended ;)

hey i have a little sumthing for ya from FNQ ;p
Well, jeez, you know my household .... no conversation is far away from such things.

Ooooohhhh, souvenir! Yay! Aren't you a sweet jelly!