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out like a light_by slayground

Oy, my feet.

A tram derailed at Vic Market, making a 25 minute trip home into a 2 hour saga.

Wouldn't have taken nearly as long if the Yarra Tram guy hadn't come along and told us to walk up to Vic Market to catch the tram, as none were coming any further. At the time, I was on Elizabeth at La Trobe - directly opposite a large taxi rank AND Melbourne Central train station. By the time we'd walked up past Vic Market (blocks and blocks away from all other forms of public transport), we came to realise there had been no point walking that far - the trams weren't running at all. After a veeerrry long day (a large chunk of it spent standing in the nasty, hayfever-provoking wind), I needed to sit for a while before walking back towards town looking for a taxi. Got into one about halfway between tram stops - just as the trams started moving again. Still, $16 well spent, as I had a comfy seat, a good chat with the cabbie about vegetarianism (we both are, for the same reasons), and beat the trams home.

Dinner, glass of red, and I'm telling myself it is FAR too early to be considering turning in. And too damn warm, still.

I've decided I hate spring as much as summer.

*continues to grumble under breath*


did you have to cook meaty things today as well ? :\
Wow- sounds like a sucky evening. Sorry.

I prefer fall myself, unfortunately it only comes around once a year.