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ice queen

ok, here is my pledge: i will be less lazy in updating my journal from here on in.

mostly, this is so my friends can be updated better as i am the world's slackest emailer (i'm thinking it's genetic ... or anyway, that's gonna be my excuse).

some things i'm wondering:

1) where is trevor?
2) how is jelly adapting to a life of bludge?
3) are you feeling any better today k?
4) where did my extremely sudden headcold come from??????

any answers would be greatly appreciated!


great :]
I'm off to tas tomorrow (thursdee)

and io bumoed into Carmen yesterday , and dan and bree tonight :]]

Ill be away for your birthdee :[
Im back on the 13th (well have to have a meet up after that though!! and perhaps a white loutus-ing ?)

can you email my jelli @ jellibat dot come from work ?

Ill have net access at wallys while im away ;]