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ice queen

Oh, Spring.

You are a bastard.

Warm again today... not too bad, really - I shouldn't complain. Went down to CERES for the first time - a local community garden, with the cutest little chookies roaming around, lots of lovely plants for sale, bits of folk art here and there ... quite nice. We spent $91 on compost, potting mix, and a couple of seedlings (golden marjoram and thyme). I like our garden. Alana's done a great job. I usually only manage to kill things.

Came home and was bumming around and wandered out the front door for a change to have a smoke - and found the postie had left a box at the side of the door yesterday. Even more exciting - it was my sooper-sekrit present from the lovely dragontatt!

Danny the Pimp Monkey, with his sticky-out ears and his sparkly pimp-hat is the cutest thing!
I him!

The tone of the day was lowered somewhat when the kitty started exploding from both ends... she seems fine, now. I guess she just had to get it out. Reeeeally gross. (Yeah, and I just had to share!)


Yay for spring!! We're starting fall, and it's rainy and I just got a cold, and I think I'm gonna die....*moan*

I'm glad you like Danny! I think his hat is adorable myself.*g*

Ick- poor kitty. She didn't get you, did she?

I'm discovering that Spring is the worst of Melbourne's seasons (this is my first spring here). Today was freezing. 7 degrees tonight and 17 tomorrow - but up to 32 on Wednesday (celcius, this is). *hopes you don't die*

Danny is adorable. One day, it'd be nice if we got him together with Fitz!

She got my carpet. sigh. She has recurring vomiting problems ... sometimes resulting in vomiting blood (fortunately the blood bit's only been once a year for the past three years). poor old girl.