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ice queen


So why is LJ fucking up on posting times, now? I've noticed it all weekend.

Have a look at the posting time for this entry.

It's actually 4.24pm, Melbourne time.

This didn't use to happen.

Oh, and the whole having-to-switch-back-from-Horizon-again thing?

Very. Annoying.


heh i hadnt noticed the time thing .. odd
I hadn't noticed, but then again, I've been so out of it with my cold, I probably wouldn't have noticed if you'd posted pics of Eric Close naked.

You haven't, have you? *g*
Oh dear - you were *that* sick??? I hope you're better now.

And no. Believe me, if I had them, you would not be able to miss them if you were DEAD. I'd be *that* in your face about them.

But seeing as you have been so horribly ill, you may have missed the extra Titof clips I posted on porn_friday??? Anyway, here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X1T49ZJH have another! This is kind of a documentary-style clip of a photo shoot with a girl called Axelle Mugler. He is so silly and adorable in this!
I'm so relieved I didn't miss any naked Eric...

I do vaguely remember d/l'ing some Titof from porn_friday. But I will always take more, as you know!! Heee...

Between you, and your flatmate, and my insane niece, I've been forced to plan to make a hot pink (maybe) Titof bear- once I finish all the xmas stuff. He will have the tattoo on his chest, pierced belly button, leather hat, leather jacket and kilt- just 'cause I like kilts!!! The clothes will all be removable, and underneath will be his huge cock (and maybe the 1 testicle, too), and he'll also have removable handcuffs. God I'm such a perv...*g*
Argh! that would be so awesome! heh. omg, i can't wait to see it! you're an inspiration! actually, i've kinda got a plan in motion for something myself - but it requires third party assistance and that can take time ... i don't want to go into detail just yet - cos surprises are cool!

in the meantime i think i'll have to teach myself iconning. i need more titof icons!