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You know what I hate about the onset of warm weather?

Suddenly realising what your toe-nails look like after a winter of neglect.


And \0/ - all of a sudden the posting time is correct again! Oh ... is that the time? I should go to bed. (but you know I won't, not for at *least* another hour). Damn crazy world with it's ridiculous 9-5 routine.


So, the time's right now? And did you just post all these at one time, or have I been shamefully neglectful about reading my flist?

The latter, probably. Shame on me...

I watched the Titof photo-shoot one you told me about. He was cute & sweet but damn, that looks like really hard work. And probably not nearly as fun as someone might think. And after all that work, the chic didn't even get off- in fact she was probably just exhausted and went home to spend some quality time with her girlfriend/vibrator...hee
Yeah, it's showing the right posting time automatically, and I don't have to correct it manually. Four entries today! Good Lord, I've gone mad! 2 were posted in the afternoon (probably while you were sleeping, you timezone challenged bedhead!), then one about 3 hours ago and this entry was an hour or so ago. sigh. tis 11.30pm now. obviously, i'm still not in bed. in fact, i'm wider awake than i was an hour ago! (it's cooled off a bit).

yeah, i know what you mean! the life of a pornstar is quite a bit different from what you would imagine, eh? did you watch the newer emma one yet? she gets off 3 times!
Ooooh- I'll have to make a note of that one, to watch tonight!

I did enjoy the threesome, even with the funky hair, because of all the toys and the interesting positions! Very inventive. *g*