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Oh, dear.

My postcards are falling off the wall because the BluTac has lost its stickiness in the heat... They just don't make adhesive blobby stuff like they used to.

Jeez, five entries in one day. Sorry. Don't know what's going on.


I'm not being lazy, I'm feeling down about my web-life and relationships and end up being absent with the people who just don't deserve it! Sorry for not replying to your posts!

This was quite funny, because I read it just before reading the nekosmuse one about the snow... my friends really come from all around the world!

Here in Rome the weather is in between yours and hers: warm, about 15 - 20 C and something less at nights. Fall is coming, but slowly.
I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down. I hope you're feeling better soon. But don't feel bad about not replying to my posts - take your time!

Heh. It makes me feel quite jealous, sometimes! We never get snow, and because there are more people on my flist who live in the northern hemisphere, I get overloaded with entries about how cold it is while I'm sweltering and cursing the heat! I don't like warm weather :-(

Today is about 20 C - not bad.
My corkboard square that I stuck on the wall to put postcards and stuff on keep falling off cause the squares that came with it sucked. I'm about ready to break out the gorilla glue and just ruin the wall!

We should exchange postcards- I need one from Australia to counter-act all the European ones I've gotten lately...
two words: nail gun!

now that i can't walk, i may be a little slow in getting your postcard, but i will certainly get there in the end!
Yay. I am coming out of summer as you people slowly march into what I am professing will be a hot skanky summer of destruction! It seems early this year - as I am pulling out my hoodies to brace myself for a cold and windy winter.....

yes I am still *here* just not *there*.
i get to wear a hoodie today. thank god. wednesday and thursday were DISGUSTING. not looking forward to the rest.

\o/ glad to hear you're still *here*, if not here.