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ice queen

I blame the cat.

I was on my way out the front door to go by kitty litter ... and sprained my ankle.

Oh, the pain! As Doctor Smith would say.

Well, it's fine as long as I don't stand or walk. OMG, it hurts.

I don't have any bandages and I'm going to need crutches. Hoping Lea doesn't mind popping down to my local chemist to pick some up for me, along with some bread and coffee, cos there's no way I can walk to the supermarket.

I shouldn't blame the cat, she's been lovely to me because she can see that something is wrong. Bless her.


poor riles ;\

Cats are evil - finally they are turning on their owners........ Ever seen the movie "Corpse Grinders" - it is a chilling tale of the evil cats' wish to do.....
Hmmm, have I ever seen a movie called "Corpse Grinders" ... let me think ... Um, NO! AND I NEVER WILL! You know I'm a huge wuss. I don't watch stuff like that! And you will be pleased to know Dion woke up in a psycho mood and started attacking my feet. ARGH.
Wah! I agree! Poor me!

I'm such a lousy patient. WHY ISN'T IT BETTER YET????
Awww, poor thing! Ankle sprains are evil and no fun at all.

You're sure it's just a sprain, right? Cause all those little bones fracture pretty easy. Make sure you stay off it as much as possible. *hugs*
You've got that right: sprains = no fun.

I haven't seen a doctor, but I can move my toes ... And don't you worry - I'll be staying off it as much as possible - it's incredibly painful to stand on!