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I need advice...

From those of you with a history of ankle sprains.

I expected the bruising to get worse - it always does, before it gets better.

I *did not* expect the swelling to get worse. However, my whole foot - toes included - has become swollen. Is this normal? Or is this maybe the result of slipping in the shower yesterday, or the side-effect of not resting as much as I'm supposed to?

I don't want to go to a doctor - too much damn effort. Sigh. I just want it to be better NOW! Yeah, I'm not a very patient patient!


The sprained ankle needs to be bandaged immediately and tightly. I wonder why yours is still free of walking and struggling... your foot needs absolute rest for a few days and it doesn't have to touch the floor and sadly load your weight on it. When you're sitting, you need to rest your leg on a parallel chair or similar.

Did you consider going to a ER? That's what I usually did when I had a sprained ankle. They are trained to wrap your foot in a bandage and wouldn't twist it in a wrong position.
I've been slack with the bandaging because, with the swelling, I can't reach my foot easily to wrap it (and I have a problem with asking people for help). I got one of my flatmates to bandage it this morning, though. She also made me breakfast and fed the cat and told me to boss her around and not do everything myself. I have crutches, too.

I don't really want to go to a doctor, or the ER, because it's a problem getting there and back, as well as sitting around waiting to be seen.

Thanks for your advice. I'm trying to do better!
It's a combination of the 'normal' swelling and not enough rest, IMO. I agree with Ross, you need to wrap it fairly tightly for support and also it helps with the swelling. Then you need TO STAY OFF IT. Prop it up on a foot stool if you're sitting, or on a couple pillows if you're laying down. Some aspirin will help will the swelling too.

Of course, you probably really should go get it checked out by a professional- cause you know I am not a doctor. Hell, I don't even play one on TV.

Oh yeah- and more ice, too! That helps with the pain and the swelling.
It's wrapped up now! And I got Erin to make me breakfast and feed the cat! Am going to be more sensible, I promise!

*thanks for the hugs!*
Um, have you had that x-rayed? Often a fracture will not be seen on the films right away because of the swelling. Wrap that bad boy tight and get it UP. Stay OFF it.

*would send Titof to entertain you if I could afford it*
No, no x-rays. haven't seen a doctor. been taking my usual approach of "oh, it'll be ok. it'll fix itself."
course, would help if i'd allow it the opportunity to mend! *smacks self in the head*

got one of my flatmates to wrap it this morning, and am making stern resolutions to keep off it more (and to ask for help when people are around instead of just doing it myself because i have a problem with asking for help!)

Awww *appreciates the thought and wishes you were rich*!
agree , you need a bandage to support it when you do have to move around, and raise and rest!
dont wrap too tigh though as you'll loose circulation and it will drop off!! *

its worse maybe cos of the slip in the shower .. :\

* IANAD, so dont trust me on that ;p