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ice queen

A query...

Question 1. Did I tell you I got the job??

actually ...

Real Question 1. Did I tell you I was going for the job?????

Well I did. Get it, that is. And I start June 12. Which is actually a public holiday. So it looks like my first day of work will entail staying home and sleeping in and getting paid to do so. GOTTA LOVE THAT!


which job ??


hey you up for booze/coffee at kent street tomorrow at 2 pm ?
Field Organiser for the Finance Sector Union!!!!

Yay-eek. Great and terrifying. And on the condition that I make moves towards getting a licence .... aaaaaaarrrggggghhhh.

No can do the Kent St, planning on spending tomorrow fixing my pute, reorganising my spanish notes in prep for new spanish course starting monday and making my room look less like ground zero in prep for the mooch's arrival.

but hey, lady o' leisure, hows about you pop in town and we do lunch sometime this week? there's a curry bar down on the corner of little collins and liz that i'd like to try .....
sure lemme know time and place to meet and i can try be there :]]