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More ankle pic spam

You'll be able to see from the pics that the swelling of my foot is going down. The ankle is still swollen and the bruising is glorious. Still hurts to stand on it (no way around it when you need to shower, though!), but almost the biggest problem now is the incessant itching of the skin just above the swelling. I guess I should be grateful - that's supposed to mean it's getting better. Also, I should be grateful the swollen part isn't itchy yet (cos that would suck.)

 5 days after the event.

Mmmmm, I have yummy feet!


It hurts to see that poor foot standing and not resting. I know you're doing your best, but I'd really wish that you could be even more careful. As you said in your previous post, how can it mend if you don't give it time and the right cure? Hugs, and sorry if I sound harsh, but it's because I care for you and I know the problem from the inside.
I appreciate your concern! You're very sweet.

Really, it's a lot better today - the swelling is only in the ankle and it's much smaller than before. I spent the rest of yesterday lying down with my foot up, only get up for toilet breaks and food. I'll be doing the same over the next 4 days before I head back to work. I haven't even been on the computer much because I can't prop my foot up properly when I'm sitting at it! In fact, I'm off again now to have a lie down!
You look like you have a ball inserted in your foot! That's disgusting! I really think you should go to the hospital and have it x-rayed, you'll really regret it later if it turns out you're doing more damage to it for no good reason. Trust me, as someone who had an ankle injury for three years, get it fixed.

In the meantime, look a the cute kitties! :D

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And here are some flowers for you :)

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And some long distance *HUGS*
Cute cats!!!

And I second every word you said, that's what I meant when I made my post, having experienced serious ankle sprains myself!
You can't beat cats for the cuteness factor :) (Speaking of which, mine just walked into the room, right on cue ;))

And I'm glad to see my sister has some smart friends looking out for her :) If only she'd listen to us hey?
Heh, the kitties made me smile.
And: FREESIAS!!!! my favourite! (I still like the white ones best of all!)
Thanks for the hugs!

It really is a lot better today. I was going to go to the ER (mostly to make everyone else happy!) but honestly, it's so much improved that I think I just need to keep resting it. I've still been icing it, and I do spend most of the day with my foot up.

Btw: what are you worried about my ankle for, you sickling? You're the one with CFS, etc!
I think the kittie on the right is trying to do a Dion impersonation :)
I knew Freesias were your favourite, I nearly posted a white bunch but I thought this picture looked prettier. And there's always plenty more where those hugs came from *hugs*

I'm glad to hear it is getting better, but keep an eye on it. I mean if my twisted ankle that was supposed to heal in three weeks ended up taking three years to get better...imagine what yours could do :/ Try some heat on it at times too, that can help with the pain and swelling as well.

I'm your sister, it's my job to worry about you! And having CFS, etc, just gives me more time at home to spend worrying about your gigantically hideously deformed foot!