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Happy Birthday, Kitty Cat!

Here is my beloved Dion, looking all cute on her 17th birthday!!!

Awww! Happy birthday smoochie!


Happy Birthday Moo

Happy 17th Birthday Mooch, from Mingwaal.

Re: Happy Birthday Moo

moochie says "meh"
meeek !

(which is dion speak for meow :)
hee hee!
Um... maybe it's just the way she's laying but that is one fat looking cat. Not that that's a bad thing. Fat cat's are awesome. I so wish my cat would freaking grow. She still looks like a kitten and she's like eight months old. I kid you now. Heck The Little Boy cat is starting to get bigger than her and we just got him maybe two weeks ago.
heh. it's just the way she's lying. although, she does have middle-aged saggy tummy!

wow. your cat must be tiny! is she healthy?

What a beautiful lady! I love her colouring; is she part Abyssinian?
:-) thank you!
she's not part Abyssinian, it's a particular kind of tabby markings ... she's a "ticked tabby" - resembles the Abyssinian look. (heh. they have names for all the variants!)
She's so cute! Happy birthday to your Dion, she doesn't show her age.
I have birds, so I have the feeling she's not compatible with them (actually, it's them who are not compatible with her!!), but cats, though I'm on birds' side, are among the most beautiful and fascinating animals in the world.
Happy Birthday Dion!!!!!!! :D