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out like a light_by slayground


It's a strange day.

Cold, windy, rainy.

On the good front, I have an enormous footrest that my ma sent me to put my foot up on - brilliant for when I'm on the pute. Also, she threw in some dark chocolate with roasted almonds and a tube of arnica for my foot.

Not so good front, my tum has not been happy the past couple of days ... although today's probs *may* be related to the stupid amounts of wine I drank last night. Still no joy on the old hard-drive. Sigh. I can't bear to think too closely about it ... god, the amount of work it will take to replace the stuff on there ... *whimper*

Y'know, I'm very tired. I think I'll go watch a vid. Probably have an early night tonight. If you were expecting to hear from me and you don't ... it'll be because I'm asleep.


You get some rest, dear. Be seeing ya tomorrow. Don't forget to wake up and stuff. And watch out for the cat.
Sleep tight old fart. Give the Moo a birthday pat from us and a kiss on the head and tell her we said "Meh".

Enjoy the choccies and I hope your foot keeps getting better.
Aw, poor sweetie. Sleep sounds like a good idea. *g*


http://tvlinks.50webs.com/index.html - just go there , download and watch some teev.

Re: stuff.

Ooooooh! Thankyou! Unseen Family Guy!

Re: stuff.