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Woo! eTax!

Loving the online era. Tax return not only done by my own good self for the first time, but done from bed, courtesy of eTax. And mm-mm. Nice little return this year, by the looks.  Probably all go on medical bills.

Not been around much lately ... a lotta pain and a little depression ...

I walked to the supermarket on Thursday - I thought it would okay, but I was wrong. Too far. Sigh. So, no more walkies for me. 

Flatmates are good for cheering me up, though. Crazy little monsters. And andricongirl came to visit today - y'know, if the mountain can't come to Mohammed, then andricongirl must come to the mountain. And damn you LJ for your stupid formatting and text issues. I can't turn the damn bold feature off. And why is it screwing up the whole username thingy? Putting things on different lines all the time ... grumble. Hmm. In the space of this one journal entry, I've gone from praising the usefulness of the internet to cursing its creation. Nice. I'm going to go away now, before I do something stupid to/with my keyboard. ARGH. PS: everyone should go check out andricongirl's comm, jellibat. She bought over her badges today, and we all bought some cos they kick arse. PPS: my icon is now dedicated to LJ and computer glitches everywhere. ARGH.


ive put aside the black and red lm's and the wide stripey punks for ya as well if you want them still :]

oh whats your email .. ill drop you my details
yeah, i still want 'em! rilestar @ gmail.com

so, it'd be $8 for the padded punk badge + $5 for the punk badges + $4 for the lovemonkey badges, yeah? wotzat? $17?
something like that , i run outta fingers ;p
He! I'm writing you from my shift at work... guess what! I've been running through online tax returns all morning because... that's my job, or part of it, anyway!
Sorry to hear about your difficulties in walking and your depression. I really wish you gonna be soon fine. *hugs*
Well, there you go! I liked being able to do my tax return that way. And now I know I can do it myself I don't have to pay anyone to do it for me!

I haven't been able to send your present yet - I was going to send it on Friday, but the Post Office is further away than the supermarket - too far to walk at the moment. Hopefully I can get it sent off next week.
*smooches you* don't worry about it at all, and thank you!
I work for the Government... I'm on the other side, but my job consists just in helping the people with their issues or doubts or problems with all kind of incomes (tax-returns and their consequences, VAT, other kind of stuff that I don't know if you have etc).