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ice queen


The first day of Daylight Saving is always tiring.

Quiet day, with left over pizza and sunshine.

andricongirl took pity on "The Cripple" (as I am now known) and brought over the other badges I'd ordered from her, as well as plenty of dvds for me to watch since I can't go anywhere (costs enough to just get to work and back, since I have to cab everywhere...) Season 2 of Xena, the Battlestar Galactica mini-series and Season 1 of the same, and some Deadwood. I've been looking to get back into watching stuff, since the only thing I'm currently watching is downloads of WaT, and that's no longer what it was.

Back to work tomorrow, which means there may be some LJ spamming, as I'll probably be at the computer all day. When I'm at home it's too uncomfortable to be on the pute much ... need me a laptop, but have no money (having just spent it all on my replacement PC and medical bills likely to be forthcoming).

Kitty says it's dinnertime, and I think she might be right. What to feed her is easy ... but what do I feel like? Whatever is easy to cook, I guess.