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ice queen



I don't have my cat yet, because she had a cold and I couldn't put her on a plane like that. I miss her. :-(

Now I'm sick, too - sneezy, hurting all over, feverish, tired.

And my back is playing up again, too. Feels like bullants are biting my spine.


I feel unpleasant.
Didn't even go to my Spanish lesson last night, which is an indication of the way I'm feeling. I hated missing a lesson.

8 more working days in this job, then on to my new position. I'd be feeling afraid if I wasn't so busy feeling sorry for myself!

self-indulgence post over.


oh no :[[
poor D, and poor riles :P

hey, may come meet ya for lunch tomorrow or something ..

Im trapped inside today waiting for inspection of flat thingy ...

which is annoying as i need to make a mess to do stuff, so I cant do stuff.. and i have a deadline of tonight .. aghhhh
yay! come for lunch! sms me tomorrow

pain to not be able to make mess when you need to!