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out like a light_by slayground

I'm falling to pieces.

It must be old age. Got sent to the doctor again today, as I've been running a fever for the past couple of days. No other symptoms (beyond fatigue & headaches) so the doc thinks it's viral,  just said to go home to bed for a couple of days ... lots of fluids, paracetamol ... y'know. Gah. I wonder if I can upgrade my body to a newer, better model. (One that looks like Isabella Rosselini would be nice!) Oh, well. More time to watch the dvds andricongirl gave me. Knocked off the Battlestar Galactica mini-series this arvo. Switched over to Xena, because I'm having trouble focusing (because of the fever). Don't need to focus with Xena!

Hmm, herbal tea and sleep, I think. And a large bucket of water. I'm thirsty.

ETA: Oh, LJ. *What* is your issue with usernames??? *Why* the extra room you keep giving them???


Sorry to hear you're not feeling good. Well, Isabella Rossellini is over 50... are you sure you wouldn't upgrade to a younger body? ;oD

(and take some info about said body's health, cuz you never know what's hidden behind a pretty smile...)

Yes, LJ is going on stressing on usernames A LOT!
*pets the poor Riley*

Maybe you should upgrade to Scarlet Johannsen? rawwwrrrrllll ;)
Well get better soon. Lucky you are not a horse. I am just saying.

Anecdote Alert : A friend of mine was in a union office in Melbourne on Tuesday and remarked at how when waiting for her appointment to meet her she could hear this strange sound in the office outside - the sound of crutches shuffling around an office. Well I did laugh a little.

-chinese t.