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ice queen

Oh.My.God. GET IT OFF!


How the hell am I supposed to sleep in this thing???


Sorry for the whining, but ARGH, I CAN'T STAND IT!


Sorry hon...they do suck, I know.
why the hell did i agree to this???? sucks sucks sucks so much! i mean, i have a bracelet watch because i can't stand tight-fitting things on my body ... what made me think that a cast would be fine? worst thing? it was 'recommended', but not necessary!

god, i've been such a whiner lately! i hope it stops soon!
Sigh, I hardly remember how it felt, but hold on. (Please, don't look like my mother, who hates any device and any cure she needs and ends up not doing anything to improve anything in her life).
Well, not much I can do about it now! It's just that it's throwing my posture out because of the extra weight and height, and I already have spinal problems... Also, really bad night's sleep last night. And now I have to figure out how to have a shower and not get it wet ... hmmm.
I'm very sorry for what I said! I think it didn't help then when I read your post about the cast there was my mother here whining about her new hearing device that she doesn't want to wear.
When I wore my cast was a lot of years ago, so I really can't remember my difficulties anymore, but I understand that if you have spinal problems it will give you problems in walking correctly. (I have spinal issues, too. I guess it's hard to beat me on the health front, I seem to have had any illness and disease around :/)

I can't really remember how I could wash myself in that period... not a whole shower, I bet!


PS still not acceeding to my friends page from the office. Now it's Staurday and I'm home, but there I can go anywhere in LJ, even in my friends' filter pages (I use them for communities), but not in my default friends page. That's why I read your post in the evening, my time, yesterday.
Well, I ended up back at the hospital today - I had to have the cast taken off. It put such a strain on my back that I only got (at the most) 6 hours sleep in total over the last three days ... I'd finally drop off and get about 2 hours of sleep before the pain in my back would wake me up. It's a shame, actually, as I'd gotten used to walking with the cast - it was actually a lot easier to get around with it on, but I just couldn't keep going with the back pain and with such a small amount of sleep. Still, I can still walk (just more slowly) and now I'll be able to have a VERY big sleep tonight. However, it is looking more and more like I'll have to have ankle reconstruction surgery. Oh well, as long as I can walk properly at the end of it all!
Oh, that sucks! I don't know what to say. I wish that, if you really have to go under a surgery, that happens soon, so that you can start rehab and all that jazz and be back on shape! I'll take good care of keeping you as much company as I can from the opposite side of the world!
*hugs you tight*