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The post in which I don't whine about anything (for a change).

It's an experiment, to see if I can pull it off. I've been such a whiny werewolf on here lately - embarrassing.

Yesterday (Saturday) was a gorgeous day in the end. Looked like rain in the morning, but it cleared up nicely. I went off to North Coburg for a BBQ at my friend Kathy's house. Her parents are visiting from England and she had a bunch of people around (including her partner's Physics PhD colleagues ... heh. Science geek party - very amusing!) Awesome food - Kathy makes great dips & salsa, haloumi kebabs, and sangria (her partner Manolo is half Spanish). One of the other guests makes gourmet chocolates, and brought some along for her contribution. "God's Balls" (chilli chocolate balls) ... mmmmm. *So* delicious.

Good things about today: I've done the dishes and my laundry, and I managed to hang out my enormous furry blanket that the cat got sick on. All clean now, just needs to dry. My kitty has developed the cutest habit for when she decides it's time for breakfast. She stands near my head and goes "Weeeeeehhhhh". Loudly, to wake me up. (She never meows.) I like this new alarm clock better than her old habit of biting me on the arm!

Other things to look forward to: not going back to work until Wednesday. Tuesday is a public holiday here in Melbourne for Melbourne Cup Day, Australia's biggest horse racing day. I don't give a damn about it, but I do love the public holiday it brings. My boss encouraged everyone to take Monday off as their RDO (rostered day off - a paid day off we get every 2 weeks). She was taking it off, and thought she should share the joy of a 4 day weekend. Yay!

And now I'm gonna go watch some more Simpsons, because I need to put my foot up (fact, not complaint!!!) I also need to think about those 6 random facts thing for that meme clockstopper tagged me for. Hmmm. Thinking cap on.