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Random ramblings

House is playing on the telly. I've turned the telly on to distract the cat ... if she has the noise of the telly going, she's less likely to harrass me (strange, but true). I've not seen House before, and I'm having a little trouble following it. Partly because I'm out of the habit of paying attention to anything on tv, but mostly because of the accents. It sounds *so weird* to hear Hugh Laurie speaking with an American accent. Also, it's actually quite distracting to hear that guy that used to be on some Australian soap speaking with his real accent. Just not used to hearing my accent on an American-made show. More used to the Anthony La Paglia/Poppy Montgomery school of losing all trace of their normal accents. Hmmm. It really is quite odd. (Although he does have a trace of his time in England mixed in with the homegrown).

Stepped outside briefly to watch the hail. Two weeks from the start of summer and we have 14 degrees (57 in Fahrenheit), wind, rain, hail. Apparently snow on Mt Dandenong, too. Typical Melbourne. Only tiny chips of hail, though. I actually feel quite nostalgic for the hailstorms of my childhood in Brisbane. Golf ball sized.

Note to self: take gloves tomorrow. Can't keep your hands warm in your pockets when you're walking with crutches.

And the 'g' key is going on my keyboard. Gah.


Oh noes!!! If the 'g' goes, you won't be able to type dragontatt anymore!! *sniff*
Good lord! We can't have that! I'll have to buy a new keyboard!