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This is cute.

Here is a link to an entry on the British Channel 4 website. It's for a French short film called Le Fabuleux Destin De Perrine Martin (Perrine from Montmartre)  ... It's a short film (9 mins) about a girl who goes to see Amelie and decides to follow her example. It's a cute film, and features a fully-clothed Titof as a cute stranger Perrine takes a shine to. Follow the link and look for the 'watch the video' section on the page. Opens in a pop-up window, unfortunately. I hate the way they make these things so you can't download and have to wait for the buffering. 

This update brought to you by my boredom.



That was pretty cute, in a way too weird French way. Yay for boredom, maybe?

Oh, boredom. It leads me down interesting paths!

Have you seen the movie Amelie?