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Do you like dance?

I was going through some old stuff of mine and I found this video that my friends and I made when we were learning video production. It's a dance video made for TasDance, the Tasmanian dance company, and features their three principal dancers (at the time) - Trish, Cat & Joel. It was made for a touring show they did called Generations.  

The way it worked was the dancers would improv for us to different pieces of music and we would film whatever we liked. Then, we took all the footage and the two pieces of music the dancers gave us and edited the footage to fit the new music. (Once we had shown them the rough footage they gave us total control over the editing.) I think it's not bad for a bunch of beginners! The video was filmed by me and Alana (my flatmate - this is from when I first got to know her)  and edited by Alana and her ex, Andrew.  Actually, I think Andrew did some of the handheld camera work, too.

The music is by FourPlay String Quartet (they're Australian) and is made up of their version of Faure's Requiem pieced with their version of The Cloud's song, Domino

I thought some might find it interesting. Or not.


Thanks for using FourPlay! Certainly is interesting.
Would you mind linking to our website http://www.fourplay.com.au/ - and maybe calling us "FourPlay String Quartet" just to avoid confusion?

Thanks for that! Cool.
Good Lord!

No problems, changes have been made.

We did that vid back in late 2000, I believe. Cat (the long-haired dancer) had bought your cd when she saw you play at a festival or something. First time I'd heard of you, and we all loved it.

Hope you come back to Melbourne again soon (I missed the show earlier this year.)
Sorry to shock you ;) Google tells me when people mention FourPlay around the net (although it misses heaps of stuff), so I found you right away!
I'm reasonably sure we were asked about using the music, so it's all cool. I'll show it to the other FourPlay members.

We'll be back in Melbourne in early February, but I can't tell you the specific gigs yet I think. Will be announced soon.
That's pretty nifty! I'd just assumed though that only 6 people and a dog (being what constitutes my friends list) would ever see it!

I'm sure they would have got permissions and all, being a professional dance company it would be SOP... (I hope!) I hope everyone likes it :-)

I'll be keeping my eye out for your tour dates, then. I'd love to see you guys live.
I d/l it, but I'm a bit busy (and listening to music on my mediaplayer *g*), so I'll watch and comment tomorrow.
Heh. No problems. Hope you enjoyed listening to your music!