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ice queen


37 degrees (98F), and it's only going down to 21 degrees (70F) tonight. Back up to 35 tomorrow. Oh, god. I'm meeellltttiiinnggg.

So hot. Can't think. Oh, how I wish I had air-conditioning.

And I feel very bad for my cat, in her fur coat.

Been doing nothing but lying on my bed watching the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. I was planning on watching a few SGA eps to see if I can get into it, but the cat has stolen my spot on the bed (and the other side of the bed is covered in her fur ... if I could move I'd wash the sheets. They'd certainly dry fast in this weather!)

I hate summer.


its a drink beer in the garden night .. if i had a garden ... ot beer .. ;P
I'm just drinking gallons of water. I have two bottles on the go - while i'm drinking one, the other is in the fridge. thank god it's supposed to cool off this arvo and be 20 tomorrow.
LOL. I always wondered how it is to spend Christmas in summer! It would be so odd to me! Today here it's raining hard, the streets to my office were all flooded.
Oh, it wish it was raining like that here! Although, Melbourne does have spectacular rain storms in Summer, usually around the time of the Australian Tennis Open - often flooding centre court. But today is just stinky hot, with bushfires everywhere.

I hate summer.