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ice queen

Ankle blah.

The good news is, I don't have to have surgery.

I've apparently broken two of the three lateral ligaments, including the strongest one. I have to keep wearing the brace for another 6 weeks - to give my ligaments time to finish scarring - and then it's physiotherapy. The idea is that the physio will have to strengthen my ankle to allow it to compensate for the two broken ligaments. 

So. I'm Stumpy McStump for another 6 weeks, then I start physio, and then at the end of March I go back to the Orthopaedic Specialist. No quick fixes, but hey - I'd pretty much guessed that. Oh, and the major tendon the ultrasound guy thought that I had broken? Is fine. But I kinda guessed that, too, since I can now stand on my toes on that foot. Okay, it took 5 weeks before I could do it, but if I can do it at all - then that tendon ain't broken.

So - not a bad day today, really!


hey stumpy

no cutting up riley :[

So all in all, it's about as good news as you could expect at this stage, huh?

Ah well, Stumpy, glad there's no surgery in your future. But if I remember all the saga correctly, if you'd gone in as soon as it happened, you *would* have had surgery, right? I bet you'll remember that if it ever happens again. lol

Will you get to work from home for a while longer? Cause that would be very good...

Love you, honey!!
sorry to be so late in replying!

it is good news indeed. and no, turns out i probably wouldn't have had surgery because the posterior tibial tendon didn't turn out to be broken after all. but yeah, i'll go to the doctor faster next time (heaven forbid!)

and no, working from the office this week and last week ... but all next week off (YAY! \O/)

awww. love you too!
Well, its still horrible, but, yay, for not needing surgery! So be good and stay off that foot! :-)
I'm very happy to not be needing the op :-)

and looking forward to not having to use crutches or wear a brace!
So, apparently this is a bit worse than when it happened to me (I remember having told you about my cast for a month -and then physio- when I first heard about your sprain), but I'm glad you don't need any surgery. After all that poor ankle has been through, this is good news!
It is *great* news! Now I'm counting down the days to starting physiotherapy.