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ice queen

oooh, my belly ....

Whyis Mexican food so damn filling? or maybe it was really the fake-potato i had with it. Still - mmmmm, yummy. Vegetarian chilli sausages with burrito simmer sauce. Hit the spot, but now it may hit the wall if I explode like I think I might...

The cake fairies have been again - we have STUPID amounts of cakes in our kitchen. Not sure whether it's lan's leftovers from her cafe job, or lily's from the catering job. Makes me wish I liked cake more than I do. Just as well I've eaten too much Mexican to really dwell on it.... Oh well, it'll all find a home in Erin's tum. We don't call her Pudding Beast for nothing.

Oh, and REALLY MUST go to the union office tomorrow to hand in my contract & tax forms. Hmm, should go find tax file number ...
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we made cake tonight :]

carrot & sultana , gluten free off course ;p

will have to do lunch again soon
that'd be great. i like lunch. stops me from passing out. today i'm off at lunch to take my forms to the FSU.