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ice queen

Flotsam, jetsam

  1. This morning, as I waited for my taxi, a small blue rubber ball bounced off the footpath and into the gutter near me. Weird thing? There was nobody else on the street. My vote is for alien entity. Mostly cos it's transparent and a cool blue colour.
  2. A couple of blocks from my house is a street called Wraith Street. This meant nothing to me a month ago. Now, it is amusing.
  3. I have started having McShep dreams. They are quite pleasant dreams to have.
  4. Summer is a hideous, vile beast when you don't live on a tropical island.
  5. I have two more weeks to go until I can start physiotherapy. By that time, it will have been 14 weeks since I last walked like a human being (instead of a zombie or a Thunderbird). The cracks in my calm are starting to show.
  6. Yesterday was my 13th anniversary of becoming a vegetarian. It was too damn hot to celebrate. See point 4.
  7. My aunt has the same birthday as Joe Flanigan and Paul McGillion, but is not as cool as either of them. Few are.


Re: Point 1


Silver ping-pong balls as alien lifeforms. Only in the '70s.

Re: Point 1

i remember that movie
Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I friended you. I've seen your name on my friendslist a lot and I got curious as to who you were. So, I checked your userinfo and lo' and behold, we have loads of things in common, so-- yeah. I decided to be impulsive and friend you. Hope you don't mind. :o)
Oh, and just so you know-- any kind of dream that involves McKay and Sheppard in all kinds of (sweaty) positions is a very very good dream in my book. So, go forth and have many more-- and tell your flist (and me) all about it. ;o)
Hey there! Welcome! I've seen your name everywhere, and of course adored your fic (eg: Drawn to the Rhythm ... sigh ...) and I believe you are married to the lovely dragontatt ... I've thought about friending you for a while now, but every time I went to I had a dork attack and didn't :-) Thanks for making the first move!
*G* I know all about dork attacks. I always have one when I friend new people. I get all insecure and start wondering if people will actually want me on their flist and other existential questions like that. ;o)

So-- you're welcome. :o)
Hello =)

I can across you in SGA_betas and something about what you'd written made me come and look at your journal (probably my subconscious thinking "ah, someone who's seen the light" after reading the "all hail Mckay bit" ;) ). Anyway, am friending you as you seem quite nice and we appear to have stuff in common =)
Hey there! Welcome on board :-)

Always nice to make new friends. I've friended you back!

You're an Ozzie I see (still awake?!), which is quite cool because I'm South African (always nice to have friends in non-US timezones =) )

Is the tattoo in your icon yours?
Sorry, I was off watching SGA! But yeah, will be nice having another friend who doesn't work on crazy-time!

And yep, that's my tatt. It's on the inside of my left forearm.
Ooh, ohh! And also? I totally agree on 3.