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*Ahem* I have an announcement to make.

Today I am wearing two shoes!!!!

Those new to my flist will be thinking: "WTF???" But most of you will know what a big day this is for me. For the first time in 14 weeks I am walking without either crutches, or the bionic boot. Granted, the physiotherapist has warned me I may find I need one crutch from time to time, but for today, I am revelling in the freedom to not use any, and to not wear the big, sturdy ankle/foot/leg brace which has been my constant accessory since week four.

I have a pile of exercises to do, and another appointment for next week, and my ankle is *still* somewhat swollen, but the physiotherapist was optimistic, and I feel AWESOME. 

So. There's my good news for the day. It's nice to have some, for a change.


Hee. That's what I've been doing, too!
Congratulations! Welcome back to the world of the two-footed.
Why, thank you very much! It's nice to be in such esteemed company!

I'm so glad for you....and so is this man.

I AM AT WORK!!!! But it was worth to hide it as soon as I got it wouldn't be SFW... It cheered me up.
Oh, that's nice of him ... *slips in puddle of drool and has to put the boot back on* Oops.

Heh. Thanks, honey!
hey there miss two feet
hooray! TWO! Count 'em, TWO! I'm still limpy, though.

Now that's ten kinds of awesome! Congratulations! Just try not to over do it! *mother hens you*
Heh. Thanks! Okay ma, I'll try to be good *g*
Woohoo!!! I'm so happy for you! It was high time that at least step n. 1 (no pun intended *g*) was over. Go you!
Thank you! I'm sure you understand how happy I am to get rid of the boot! I have to wear a stretchy tubular bandage, though, but it's heaps better than the boot!

BIPED! :) Excellent news.
Isn't it???? I'm so happy :-)
I had no idea. But great for you! YAY for a pair of shoes!!!
I've never been so excited about wearing shoes! (I normally don't like wearing shoes :-))