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I keep forgetting to post. I think of something that I want to share, but by the time I'm in front of my computer I've forgotten. Meh. Can't have been that good then.


Firstly: thanks veeeeery much to my lovely dragontatt for the yummy candy hearts on my user page. Mmmm, chalky! Those things were always so weird. Such a strange eating experience, yet so compelling. You could never say no.

Secondly: ankle news. Today was my first trip in to work and back without any form of support for my ankle. Yep, Mr Physiotherapist (AKA Angus) is happy with how much movement I've regained (my right ankle is only 5% off my left in terms of how far it can move back and forward), so he suggested I wean myself off the walking stick. Of course, "wean" - in rilestar speak - means "go cold turkey and never use again". So - it's just me and my shoes, baby. Oh, and some arch supports, as it appears my arches have decided to collapse. My feet are drama queens.

Thirdly: to everyone that I am behind in contacting ... I apologise. I blame the weather. It's been STINKING hot (38 degrees all weekend ... that's around 102 for the metrically challenged amongst you). Also, my employers are rude enough to expect me to actually *work* from time to time. (I know! I'm appalled myself!)

Hmmm. What do you know? I think this almost qualifies as an update!
Mucho love to my flist, I am reading your posts, and thinking of you - even if I'm slow to respond. *mwah*

xo, babies.

PS: Titof has a new tattoo, for those who are interested!


I had read this, but couldn't reply earlier. I'm so happy to hear that your ankle is dramatically improving! I can't wait to read that you're jumping and running again!

Hello! I've been thinking of you! I can't tell you how happy I am that I can walk around again! I've started using stairs a bit more - I'm on the fourth floor at work, and I walked down to the ground floor yesterday ... I'm going to need to keep working on it, because my muscles in my right leg aren't used to stairs anymore, after 4 months of being in a leg brace! I could feel it all the way up into my hip, and it made me very stiff and tired. But, if I keep it up it will get easier! I can't wait to be jumping and running too!

*gives you a big, squishy hug back*