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Oh, I forgot to mention ...

I've decided that next December/January (or January/February) I'll be avoiding the summer by hanging out in the cooler parts of the world - namely, Europe. I'll have 6 weeks paid leave by then, and I'm definitely going to be hitting London (got a friend insisting I come visit again), Germany (Heidelberg area, again to visit friends) and France (cos I love it, and I hope to get an interview with John B Root). Other places are undecided as yet. Considering getting a Round the World ticket and including US/Canada. Any recommendations?

Oh, and for SG:A fans - every morning on the way to work I pass a building with Stargate on the front in chrome. Makes me smile. Also, on nearby Spencer St, is the Atlantis Hotel. Damn, I don't want to have to wait for Season 4 to start. I'M IMPATIENT, DAMN IT!


Oooh! I might be there too! Not sure of the dates yet> if so we must really have a fangirls get-together!
Excellent idea! That'd be cool. Actually, the person I'll be staying with in London is someone I met through an online forum - it's always cool to meet online buddies in RL!
Let.me.know. I'd so excited in meeting you! As far as my situation with my parents goes on, I can't give anybody hospitality here, but I'd be happy if I could reach you somewhere -namely, London-. Of course the same applies if you decde to come back to Italy.
It would be AMAZING to meet you! We will definitely *have* to work something out while I'm over there! Eeeeeee! I'm very excited! *g*
You just know you wanna go to Paris to try and kidnap Titof....I approve. You need any help planning it all out? Heheh

Yes you must try to swing by here on your way back- that would be so amazing!!