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I have questions.

1. Why, when one has given blood, does it hurt more to remove the protective bandaid-y thing later on than to actually have the needle stuck in one's arm?

2. Why do computer classes invariably match the ratio of 1part learning to 5 parts mind-numbing tedium?

3. Why do I inevitably end up in a computer class with someone who doesn't know how to create a new folder in which to save their work? (I guess that answers number 2, however.)

Obviously, this was my day. I had to have blood tests run, and they had to be done after fasting. I didn't mind not eating breakfast, but I seriously do not cope well without coffee. So, as soon as the tests were done I legged it to DeGraves for poached eggs and avocado, and two Long Blacks. Mmmmm. Then, on to a computer class (Intro to PowerPoint, sigh) that my work have paid for me to do. Yes, yes, big fun was had. Day two (and the final day) of the class tomorrow, then off to dinner at the new home of some colleagues. Wednesday is physio in the morning and hopefully the results of my blood tests in the afternoon, with work somewhere in the middle. Oh, my life is exciting. Now, I have some beta-ing to do, for the lovely le_mot_mo. I've beta'd a few stories for a few different people now, and I haven't once had the chance to correct anyone for writing 'ZedPM'. I really hate it when they write that. I mean, they don't write 'ZeePM' when it's someone other than Rodney saying it. I mean, seriously. Sure, he'd say it "Zed Pee Em", but it should be written "ZPM", same as always. /rant.

Gorgeous dragontatt, I will see your song challenge, and raise you a zip file of the songs themselves ... when I have a moment and can find either of the damn Pixies cds I have with the particular song which is on repeat in my head!!! Has anyone seen my "Best of the Pixies"? she asks, forlornly.

Be well, fair f-list. Eat, drink and be merry, and keep a bucket handy for the uppance that shall come. *mwah*


Yay! Pixies! =)
Now, I have some beta-ing to do,

Speaking of beta-ing - did I send you the last Irish Sun chapter? *scratches head* I wonder if I maybe forgot it since you haven't written back for a while.

1. Why, when one has given blood, does it hurt more to remove the protective bandaid-y thing later on than to actually have the needle stuck in one's arm?
No idea, but I noticed the same phenomenon. I'm currently doing an internship at a hospital - if I find a good opportunity, I'll ask one of the nurses.
Oh my god! I just checked your last email, and there WAS a re-write attached to it! I didn't notice it! I've been waiting for you to send me another chapter! *hangs head in embarrassment* I'm so sorry. I'll get it done ASAP and get it back to you.
Oh, doesn't matter ;) I'm also one of those people who sometimes lose mails and forget to write back I-)
Uh, sorry, that wasn't supposed to be an answer to your comment, nimnod ;)
Oooooh- I like your raise. I believe I've already sent you at least 2 of mine via email- you want the rest? You like the 'Masochism Tango?' *waggles eyebrows suggestively*

And do you really want to have to correct the 'ZedPM' thing? Cause I guess I could write a terrible error-filled story for you to beta, if you like....wheeee!

BTW- I've written at least 1100 words of part 16- most of it's porn for some reason. Hmmmm....*scratches head confusedly*
Yes, please, I would like the rest. I always like to hear new music. I've never heard of that one, but I like the name!

Heh. I'd love you to write me a bad SGA fic for me to beta (I have a terrible kink for editing *blushes*).

BTW - Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! And porn? What's porn? I'm confused, what is this thing you call 'porn'? Is it good?
Let's see, how can I explain this correctly? Porn is when a man and another man on a television show love each other very much, but no one but the brilliant fangirrrls realize it. So then, the brilliant fangirrrls fill in the missing parts of their lives with what is known as 'fanfic', which is usually terrible (heh) but- depending on the fandom- can be amazing. And most of what the fangirrrrls fill in is how the guys spend their free time- naked and wrapped up together doing all sorts of fun and inventive things.

Does that explain it enough for you, sweetie?


*rolls on the floor laughing*
*trips over you, and instead of getting up decides to roll around the floor laughing with you*
Rodney hugged it close to his chest, fondled its curves like a lover and cooed over it like it was a long lost child. John saw this, scowled and walked away angrily. He had always suspected that one day Rodney would leave him for another-- he just never -not in a million years- expected the other to be a ZedPM.

There you go. Correct all you want. Let all that frustration out. :o) Go ahead-- you know you want to-- *g*

Thank you for beta'ing my fic. You are the best! *hugs hugs hugs*
*ROFL, banging head on keyboard on the way down and convulsing from the lack of breath*


Heh. My absolute pleasure, treasure. As I said in my above comment to Viv, I have a thing for editing. (An embarrassing kink, but what's a girl to do?)
I'm so glad I could make you happy like this. *g* What a moment of triumph for you. ;o)

I'm glad you've got a kink for editing. It's helping me out tremendously right now.

Oh you're so good!

*bows before your might*
*hugs you*

I know. *G*