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ice queen

I love seaweed.

I love it so much I had for lunch two days running, and I'd eat it tonight for dinner if I had any. Yum yum.

My scheduled dinner at my colleagues' new house has been postponed until tomorrow night, which is good cos I'm tired. Another day spent "learning" PowerPoint. Oh, well. All done now. And I kind of have the urge to use PowerPoint to make an interactive kid's story book. Except, that seems like work. And I'm lazy.

An early start, tomorrow - physio. And I've forgotten to make an appointment at the doctor's to get my test results, so I'll have to call first thing and see if I can get in tomorrow afternoon. Bring on the answers! 

Attention f-listers: I need more icons.
I bought more icon space, as I'm feeling the lack of mood specific icons, as well as a lack of D/M & McShep icons. Anyone care to rec me some good icons? Anything that's stuck in your mind recently? I keep meaning to try making some, but - oh yeah, I'm lazy. 

It's 14 minutes to 6pm - if I go now I can make a coffee without breaking the rules. (My own rule - no coffee after 6pm. As long as it's made before 6, it doesn't matter if I'm drinking it after 6.)

Later, gaters.


Welcome to pillage icons from my collection if you like any...
I ganked one!
Heehee. Yeah, nice one =) PS Awesome-looking new camera you've got yourself too!