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candy hearts

Oh my god, two updates in one day. WTF?

Making up for lost time? No. Just some squee-worthy news to report.

So my dinner with Kate'n'Amy'n'Coops got postponed, but instead of a quiet night at home with the cat and some AUs, I get an out-of-the-blue sms from the VERY MUCH MISSED chuck_bulimic, who "happened" to be at a pub only 15 minutes walk from my house (instead of China, where he has been since FOREVER!!!)

Damn, man, SO good to see you. But you SERIOUSLY need to take a holiday. Do it. Please. The world *will* keep turning if you do. And may it not take another year before we can lift a glass together again. You really are one of the few I would drop anything for, you know.

Speaking of great people ... I found myself thinking again of carrieross on the walk home, and hoping she is doing okay.

Also, wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks! to nightfreyja for her lovely comment re: my beta-ing in her comment to velocitygrass's fic, Smouldering, which you can (and should) read on her page. Very creepy story.

Also, best wishes to nimnod with her situation.

Physio in the morning, so I'll sign off. Nighty-night, chickies!


trevs was in town and you didn't tell me !
Hey, I literally found out 20 minutes before meeting him. Otherwise, I'd have let you know!
and gone he was less than 12 hours later...... keeps the mystery you know!