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ice queen

People? They often suck.

So - Low. Were amazing. Beyond amazing. How the hell do they manage to sound like that live? Fantastic to see them. So cool, too, that the venue was only a 20 minute walk from my home.

Downside? The audience, most of whom mistook me for a pathway to the bar. No, people, I am not a ghost. You cannot walk through me. Given the set-up, and their insistence on trying to cram through my actual bodyspace, I spent the night repeatedly being bent backwards over the table right behind me. My back began seizing up and I had to leave during the encore because if I'd stayed any longer I wouldn't have been able to walk home. Even with muscle relaxants? My back is still stuffed. Thanks for that.

Wish they'd hurry up and invent a way that you can have the real gig experience without all the damn people.
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glad they were cool, but yeah its hard to get a spot and enjoy a band without being pushed around :\