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International Women's Day

That's what today is.

And I am somewhat (aka "Quite") drunk.

Too much red wine. 

I have lots of pics, but will not be able to post tonight - not up to handling code. 

Or replying to anyone, so hang on in there.  *hic*

Looking forward to the long weekend YAY FOR 8 HOUR DAY, THE UNIONEST PUBLIC HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR! (this Monday). Also, gonna sleep in for an extra hour tomorrow, as I've worked overtime pretty much everyday this week. I'm sleepy, and my keyboard is falling off my lap. Also, making too many typos. See you soon, and love you all. *hic*


Too much red wine.

And too much white f'me!!

*drunken cackle, coaxed on by Ozzy Osbourne on the laptop's music thingy*

HEY! May 1st - shall we organise something suitably... reddish? ;D