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ice queen


Went wandering with andricongirl, down to Docklands, and round about. Took a few pics, highlight was the W-11 - the Pakistani-decorated special tram. Check out the website for more info. Way cool. Made everyone smile. Also picked up some new and comfortable shoes, including some rather ugly black nurse shoes. Then, unfortunately, went home and felt horribly depressed all night. Meh. Sick of that. Anyway, here's some pics. *Beware - Image Heavy*.







  andricongirl, you gotta teach me how to do it the way you put your stuff up...


Wow, pretty! =D
thanks :-)
cool shots ! like the orange things, great idea.
perhaps next time we should set a challenge , like a colour or two each and see what we come up with :]

i just load them on my lj scrapbook it does the hard stuff..
( do you mean they way that looks ? its a setting somewhere in scrapbook)

and i just use the post to journal function, and select the options and voila :]
umm thats is ..

up there in ^ under scrapbok, hit manage galleries, then click on a gallery name to manage that gallery
, then it has all options so choose. on the left list click "pictures" ,
you just check the ones you want , and thern hit post to lj , and it has some handy options :)
The challenge is a cool idea, I think it'd be heaps of fun. Also, it would stop us ending up photographing the same stuff :-) I left a chunk out because you had already done 'em on yours and they were too similar.

Thanks for the instructions - I'll have a play soon and see how I go.
Maybe I'm weird, but what I noticed about your post is when you said you were all depressed and you're fed up with it. So it wasn't the first time. If I can do something to cheer you up, just tell me.
Meanwhile, take some chocolate and a squishy hug.
I don't forget you, even when I don't write you, I swear!
Thank you, beautiful! Chocolate and hugs - the perfect things when you feel like crap :-) I have been feeling like this for a while, I blame it on my ankle. I'm trying not to wallow in it, hopefully if I don't pay attention to the bad thoughts they will lose power. (They usually do.) I think about you a lot, too. Work has been so busy, and with the depression I'm usually too exhausted to write to anyone, but I do think of you and hope you are going alright. xo.
These are just lovely! So textured and bright. That tram is amazing. I wish my town had one of those...
Thank you! The tram was fantastic. Short-lived, though, unfortunately. Only running for 2 weeks this year. It was playing Bollywood-style music, and people were grooving away inside. The driver kept waving at people, because of course everyone stopped and stared as it went past, with its colourful paintings and flashing lights. Sigh. I wish it ran every day on my route to and from work.