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Oh, haloumi, how I love ya.

Pan-fried and served with rocket & mini-Roma tomatoes and fresh mushroom on Turkish bread. Sigh. And I've got teriyaki tofu for dinner. Hooray!

I forgot to say the other day: CONGRATULATIONS to andricongirl on her upcoming feature spot on Triple J radio. Go you! To see what the fuss is about, go check out her  jellibat comm (I don't know how to do the LJ comm symbol and I can't be arsed figuring it out) where she displays all the plush and crochet toys she makes. Also, check out the Etsy site where she sells them.  Who's a clever clogs???

While I'm here, let me mention how much I *love* autumn. The weather is gorgeous. I get to wear a hoodie every day (if I stay in the shade), it's beautiful outside - blue skies, but the sun has lost its sting. It's gonna be 27 C tomorrow, but it'll be so much more comfortable than it would have been a month ago at the same temperature. 

Y'know, I think I'll take a nap. Move over, cat.

ETA: Ok, I now know how to do the comm thingy! Thanks Jell!


aw thanks :]

(oh and the community symbols will appear like magic on there ownsome , just do the lj-user ... blah as usual and use the name of community or feed instead of user name :)

Well, there you go. So simple!

And hey, you're welcome! It's very cool.
We appear to love the same food. And cats. And autumn. And Rodney. we should find out what else we have in common and start a religion. ;)
I love actually being able to visualize how we're on opposite ends of a spinny, tilty planet. We have daffodils! Well, under the snow somewhere :) Happy autumn!