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ice queen


'twas a nice day today, for my last day of working in financial administration!

Morning tea with the team (mmmm, cheesecake!) as a bit of a farewell party.  Lunch with the Jellimonster (always good!).  The team gave me one of those big cards they'd all signed, and it was hugs and 'If you're not happy with your new job we'd take you back in a flash!' ... I didn't vomit at the thought - like I would've if someone had said that at my previous job!!

Cute pressie from Skippy ... didn't end up going for drinks cos I forgot about all the crap I'd be carrying home... sigh. I make a nest wherever I work.

Tomorrow - clothes shopping with the Jell. And to ease the pain, we'll intersperse the shop raids with photographing Melbourne and hopefully drinking lots of fine coffee. Ahhh.


heres to a better job ;]
okies what time you wanna meet and stuff .. ?? :]
sorry, got sidetracked talking to now-awake flatmates. um, it's 11.53 now, need to shower & dress, say 1ish?
okies ..

meet .. where at ?
a coffee place perhaps ??
how about degraves area ... off flinders lane?
yup sounds good, Im leavuing home now