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Moochie has early-stage renal disease and cystitis. The renal disease means the vet doesn't want to treat her with an NSAID - the usual treatment - as that would hasten the deterioration of her kidneys. 
He gave her a narcotic to take the edge off, another microenema (hoo, boy - that worked. I had to light some Nag Champa to cover the smell!) and some liquid anti-biotics. She has around 40% kidney function left, and we'll have to try to switch her to a low-protein diet - if it agrees with her (she has a touchy stomach) ... and if she agrees to eat it (yep, one of those fussy eaters).

Poor kitty.


poor mooch, pats from me
She always appreciates pats :-)
She's feeling a lot happier today, I think the antibiotics are helping with the cystitis.
Oh man, that sounds awful. I really hope things turn out alright, but all that sounds really awful. I just hope it works out. Lots of love
Thanks, matey. It's not nice, being told your cat has a terminal disease, but at least the cystitis seems to be on the mend. She certainly seems a lot happier today. As for the renal disease - it's just a matter now of trying to extend the kidney function for as long as we can. It will kill her, but hopefully we'll still have a couple of years together. Go give Miss Kitty Fantastico a hug for me!
That's terrible - I'm so sorry. I'm holding thumbs that she can and will accept the change of diet. Poor kitty. Give her a scritch for me.
She loves a good scritch - thanks! Holding thumbs - is that a South African way of saying 'fingers crossed'? I hope she will take to the new diet - renal disease is terminal, but the dietary change is a way of extending the functioning life of her kidneys, so it's definitely a case of crossing fingers!
Thank you very much. The cystitis seems to be on the mend, at least. She is a lot happier today. I just hope she takes to the low-protein food, to give us as much time together as possible. I know the end must come, but hopefully she'll have another couple of happy years yet.
aw, man, I'm sorry. That sucks. Best wishes to you both.
Thank you. She's a lot better today, the cystitis seems to be on the mend. I just hope she takes to the new diet, so we can give her a few more happy years.
It's awful news about my older kitty sister. I hope she has many good years yet. Makes my miliary dermatitis etc seem minor.
Aw. *pats Mingu* Poor Goo. That dermatitis is horrible. I hate watching her scratching her fur out. Give her a cuddle for me.