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ice queen

rambly update

It's late, and I should be in bed. I drank coffee after dinner, which I don't normally allow myself to do anymore ... but I had to. I was reading a J/R fic, and there was coffee-worship, and I JUST HAD TO. (And it was gooooood.) Also, my fever doesn't really want to go away, it seems. It's not that high, it's only up by a degree, but it's enough to annoy. (This is all to explain the rambliness of this post.)

The wind has picked up outside, it's getting pretty squally. I just want to sit on the back step in the dark and listen to the wind and watch the neighbour's tree blow around. I love nights like this. I wish I was on holidays and didn't have to get up for work tomorrow. Or that I was younger, and could still cope on only getting 4 hours sleep a night. Sigh.

A couple of weeks ago I took a stealth-pic of my kitty (I had to be quick before she moved - she's a camerawhore). It came out blurry, but she still looks cute. She is travelling okay on her new kidney-diet. There are three different brands of food, which I rotate. I also give her a fishy meal once a week to make up for the not-so-nice stuff she has to live on now. All the kidney-diet foods are red-meat based, and she's never been a big fan of canned red-meat food. Poor bub. Anyway, posting the pic of my sister's cat reminded me that I told K I'd post the pic of mooch for her.

17 and a half, and still a cutie!

Now that I have spent the last ten minutes putting together this completely pointless post, I'm taking my headache to bed.


glad shes doing ok , pats for moochie
She loves pats!
aw. She is, indeed, adorable.
I like it when people say nice things about my cat! :-)
Mooch Pooch!!!! *tickles her under the chin*

I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this, and I hope Diona's been looking after you!