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ice queen

Oh, I so suck at sewing. It took me *ages* to hem my two new pairs of pants today. I'm just glad that people don't get close enough to hems to see the terrible job I did.

To redeem myself, though, I present:

The two bookcases I assembled from the kits I bought yesterday. It's a good thing, too, that you can't see up close to notice the hash I made of the hammering bits. Oh, well. We can't be good at everything, can we?


Ooh, well done. I love those flat-panel furniture kits! You can't get them in SA for some reason.

Also, yay for photo-post =)
Weird! I thought furniture kit companies were taking over the world... they're kinda fun, in a geeky "oh, look what I made" kind of way ...
You've done a much better job than I would've. I'm pretty sure my bookcases wouldn't be rectangles, but more like parallelograms.
I'm sadly proud of them. I'm such a geek.