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ice queen

And the winner is ...

Tinned Turkish Eggplant - 1; Rilestar - nil.

2am = Hello, toilet bowl! Been a while since I saw you from this angle!

Yes, I know. Urgh. Aren't you glad I'm into sharing?

So I spent the day at home feeling drained and ooky. I've been digging out my scarf and beanie collection as the temperatures drop and the winds pick up. I love this time of year. I'm thinking I might need to invest in a little fan heater, though, for my old kitty to lie in front of for a couple of hours at night, take the chill out of her old bones. While it's cute when she sneezes, I don't want her to actually get a chill.


Tinned Turkish Eggplant

that doesn't sound apetising at all to begin with .. ;[
yeah, it wasn't that good. it was in a tomatoey sauce.
man, that sucks. Tinned turkish eggplant? ::does not even remotely know what it would take to tin an eggplant:: ::should, in fact, know that sort of thing::

We have a very geriatric kitty and what we did was get an electric heating pad - like an electric blanket, except mini? - and make her a little cat-basket with the pad set on low. I don't know if it's more efficient (/not a fire hazard), but she loves it.
it was cooked and in a tomato-y sauce. it wasn't that nice, anyway.

hmm, that would be a good idea except for the fact that she refuses to use any bed I try to make her. i guess she doesn't see the point - she has my double bed, after all *g*