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ice queen

I saw about 9 of these just now in the tree near the back of my house.
carrieross, they made me think of you. I hope you're doing okay, honey.


Oooh- are those lorikeets? Or am I crazy?

I've always wanted a rose-breasted cockatoo, which apparently number in the gazillions in Australia, and are pretty expensive and hard to come by here. But they're so pretty.
Yep. (although you still might be crazy *g*)

They're purdy, ain't they?
Holy shit! You have birds like that in your yard?? That would be so cool! I'd forever be in the garden trying to coax them down :-P
That was the first time I'd seen them in Melbourne - usually it's just pigeons. I used to see them all the time in Launceston. We have some nice birds here :-)
Wow- they're so colourful!
Yeah, helps the cats see them better *g*
Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have parrots (Rosellas) where you liiiiive! OMG! To wake up and see multicolored parrots out of one's window or in the backyard! OMG!

You thought about me when you spotted them, well, you were right! As soon as I spotted this pic on my flist I thought of you and I bounced with joy!

I do have updates about my family situation, but I'm exhausted. I prefer to ignore them when I'm sitting before my computer.

I'm very lucky to have them nearby. This was the first time I'd seen them here - usually I only see pigeons. It made me very happy to see them.

You poor thing, I'm not surprised you're exhausted. I hope things are going as well as can be expected.

*gives you millions of squishy hugs*
Forgot to tell you: I'm working on your header. Okay, truth is that i finished it, but there's something in it that bugs me, so I need to revise it. I made the related icons, too. They quite satisfy me. Will send everything to you as soon as I think it's usable. :)

*hugs you back and cuddles you*